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Febby Twigs – Febby’s Third Gloryhole Video + POV

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Febby Twigs – Febby’s Third Gloryhole Video + POV
Released: January 22, 2021

The Febb-ulous Febby is back for an unprecedented three-peat in the gloryhole! We’re always reading those subscriber comments and when the fans vote a girl to come back, we listen. Febby was overwhelmingly popular enough to make a second comeback. Watch this new scene and you’ll see why. She’s very fond of the male member and prides herself on making her blowjobs something of an artform. Febby is also very vocal when she has a cock down her throat and is not afraid to make some noise while she is sucking…

Those sexy noises don’t slow down the speed of all the loads she takes down her throat as Febby racks up a new high for number of dicks sucked this time. She claims she is going to keep count this time, but loses track when the numbers get high and she gets a little cum drunk. However, she does backup on lucky stranger #4 and puts him in her pussy! Febby also has a great story about a real-world gloryhole she did between last time with us and now. The moral of her story is don’t be afraid to stop by those roadside porn shops in the middle of nowhere. Febby might be waiting there on the other side of the hole with her willing mouth (and a friend)! Will Febby be back for our first-ever round four on GloryholeSecrets.com? You decide, members.