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Hard Tied – Felicia Fisher Free Flow

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Hard Tied – Felicia Fisher Free Flow

Felicia Fisher doesn’t know what to make of the bondage. She’s nervous obviously, but you can tell she’s also extremely excited about being bound. The first position isn’t easy. With her arms bound at her waist and her neck up to the ring above her she has very limited mobility.

Squatting is one of the most difficult exercises one can do. Being made to hold a squat by balancing ropes above and below is extraordinarily difficult. Felisha must hold herself up or choke. She can barely get on her knees, but not for long. The spike board quickly solves that issue.

Felicia has a great ass. When she’s put in a position which puts it up in the air it makes a great target for some single tail practice. The vibrator is too much for her. The vibrations make her scream louder than the whipping she just received.