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Mocha Menage – Mocha Menage Vs Cody Carter

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Mocha Menage – Mocha Menage Vs Cody Carter
Released: January 29, 2021

We wanna know what Mocha puts in her pussy! In her last match with Chad Diamond, Mocha technically lost the wrestling segment but her sexual disposition during the rounds and start of round 4 were just too much for chad and Chad’s dick nutted against his will in the prize round. So yes, Chad gets the W for the match but in our Hearts, Mocha won that match. Well…..I don’t mean to spoil anything but in order to describe how incredible this woman is, some things need to be said…

Mocha sexually dominates Cody today. Cody is a trained martial artist but he does need to work a little more on his discipline. Cody nut’s too soon and Mocha needs to take over. She dominates him with her pussy, her ass and her feet. This is unbelievable and too good to be true but it IS true and it keeps happening with this lady. Mocha Menage has the Golden Pussy.