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Do you guys try gulyash? I am nither. I dont know anybody in Hungary and I like to travel everywhere to eat food and fuck girls. I go to the village and on my way back I spent two hours with beutiful people and a nice girl. She was young and attractive. I’d like to fuck her, but her brother and other people work in the store. When they leave the room for a minute, I start doing my durty job and i did my exercise well. First, I touched her boobs and let her suck my dick under the counter desk. Her boobs was so nice and nipples get cold in a few seconds. Oh, my god, what kind of pussy she got, this young lady. We change positions so many times, we fuck in every corner of this store, before her brother come back. I dont want to get kill’d, thats why we pay attention on every strange sound around us. We have sex on the boxes and chair, doggy style and I came on her face finally. I leave this village later and try to keep this girl in my memory.